graphite over paint

I am close to finishing my Mill Creek 16.5 and would like paint on the sides of the hull and a graphite bottom and maybe an inch up the sides.  I'm sure this is similar to the "paint over graphite" post but I want to make sure I don't screw this up. 

Is it best to paint the hull first masking off the sides with fine line tape, and then graphite up to the paint?





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RE: graphite over paint

I don't know if it's best, but I put on the graphite first, let it cure thoroughly, then masked it and applied paint. My theory was that graphite is easier to fix than paint, in case of splatters.



RE: graphite over paint

Thanks Laszlo! Your advice on several threads has been a huge help.



RE: graphite over paint

I just finished applying graphite rub strips on both ends of my Merganser and repainting the bottom, and I can vouch for Laslo's advice. The paint wipes right off the graphite, but even a tiny amount of graphite on the paint takes some scrubbing with alcohol to remove. -Wes

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