Epoxy gone bad?


I have a question about epoxy.  I unfortunately did not follow the warning to remove the epoxy pump and cap the epoxy when I wouldn't be using it for a long time.  The hardener seems to be fine, and dispenses properly.  The resin however, I think the spring inside of the pump is gummed up with partially solidified resin so it won't dispense properly.  How do I tell if I just need a new pump or if all the resin has gone bad?  I had left it un used for 8 months.  I tried to look inside to see if it was hardened, but I couldn't quite tell.  It gave one normal pump, and the resin looked normal, but subsequently the spring wouldn't return properly.  It just sputtered, and wouldn't really pump.  I tried for a while and nothing, so I'm assuming it's gone bad.   I would love to hear I just need to buy a new pump since they are much cheaper than the resin but I'm assuming that's not the case?  Just thought I would ask!

 Thanks for your replies!

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RE: Epoxy gone bad?

Your epoxy should be fine.  I let some sit that long with no problems.  Your pump is probably just clogged or bad.  You might try cleaning it with white vinegar, however, since you want them to be very accurrate, new ones are best.  Some folks have had bad luck with pumps - bad ratio etc.  I have built two boats with no pump troubles at all short of them wearing out.

Good luck


RE: Epoxy gone bad?

It could also be that the resin has crystallized. It does that if it gets below freezing. The crystals clocg the pump. Check the bottom of the jug and if you see white solid stuff on the bottom, let it sit in hot (not boiling) water until the crystals melt and the resin is clear again.

For the pump, you could try putting it in a ziploc and letting it also sit in hot water. If it's crystals, they'll melt and the pump will start working again. Otherwise I'd say just order a new pump.

Either way, your resin is still good.



RE: Epoxy gone bad?

Thanks for the tips!!!  I"m glad to hear it's just the pump!  I have stored the epoxy inside the whole time so I don't think it's gone below freezing. Looking down into the jug, the epoxy seems to be normal, but there is white looking gunk in and around the spring which prevents it from measuring properly.  I'll try the plastic bag in hot water technique to see if that clears up the pump, otherwise I'll just get a new one.  


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RE: Epoxy gone bad?

The other thing is to go pumpless, which is what I do.  I transfer resin and hardener into smaller dispensers (empty 36 oz. ketchup bottles work great) so accurate pouring is easier.  Then I use marked dipsticks and a tallish see-through cylindrical (parallel sides, which is important) flat-bottomed mixing container (prescription pill bottles of various sizes are good).  I pour in hardener to the "hardener only" mark on the dipstick, and then add the correct amount of resin, up to the "hardener+resin" mark on the dipstick.  On days when my mind is feeling extra nimble, I sometimes can get away with using just the pair of marks, without the actual "labels"!  ;-)

Rather than taking it on faith that those (expensive) pumps are dispensing accurately, now I can always see with my own eyes that I have the proper resin:hardener ratio.


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