WD12 stability & safety

I just got back from a nice 4 hour paddle in my WD12. I took it the entire navigable length of the Middle River right out into the Chesapeake Bay and back. For those of you with safety concerns, the highlight of this trip was when a severely inconsiderate cigarette boat crossed in front of me at full speed (ignoring the posted speed limit on the buoy). The wake broke across my bow submerging the boat all the way back into the cockpit. The front half of the WD12 only stayed under for a fraction of a second before vigorously popping up out of the water and settling down again with a splash. There was never any feeling of loss of control or stability. The boat took the wake and grinned.

Which was better than I did. I took the opportunity to demonstrate that I know the rude words for certain bodily functions in 5 languages, but the butt-boat driver was too far away to appreciate them.

Definitely needed the sprayskirt, though. Without it I would have been swamped.

So go forth and build your Ducks, serene in the knowledge that they can handle the big world.



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RE: WD12 stability & safety

We have many of those multiple V8 straight pipe monsters here too. I'm always up for learning new expressions. Feel free to share


RE: WD12 stability & safety

Laszlo---thanks for sharing your new found experience and appreciation for the ducks "grinning" capabilities. Your experience will help me launch my Duck when completed into the Big World of water with new found confidence.

I have on several occasions contemplated ways to make statements to rude and dangerous boaters that would make a more lasting impression than a heard or unheard verbal thrashing but after chilling out realized that the verbal abuse reinforced with the your are #1 in my book sign is the best approach....Thanks for the smile..................CZ

RE: WD12 stability & safety


Thanks for your post.  You told months ago that the WD12 was stable enough to to keep me safe if I should find my self caught in rough water.

After your advice, I started building a WD12 hybrid from plans.  Now I am just a few weeks away from finishing.

Thanks for all the posts that have been so helpful to my self and so many others.


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