Copper wire gauge?

Hello, I´m building my first boat, Eastport Pram,  but I have doubt on the copper wire gauge, on the materials list at the web page says 18 gauge, and on the manual says 14, in your experience which is better?

Thank you

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RE: Copper wire gauge?

It has to be 18ga.  I think 14 would be huge! 

RE: Copper wire gauge?

I used 18 gge on my C16, which is great for 4mm ply if it is not twisted too tight. If you have a stubborn area (such as the side-panels at the stern of the C16) and you need to apply pressure, without the wire tearing through the ply, then go with 14 gge.  I used both.

But 18 will do most things satisfactorily.


RE: Copper wire gauge?

This thread may help:

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