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Hello, I am new to rowing and have been looking at an Alden Martin trainer. I am very athletic and have always caught on very quick to most any outdoor sport I try. I have currently been rowing a little Zodiac raft for about a year now. I'll get on the lake on thing and row for hours. I want the boat I buy to be one that will last me a long to me, I don't want to "grow out" of it too quickly. The alden martin seems to be a good choice for me from what I have read. There's a Alden martin trainer for sale about 5 hours from me and I'm thinking of getting it.

What do you folks here think of the Trainer?


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RE: Alden martin Trainer

There probably aren't too many people here who are familiar with the Alden Martin.  You might have better luck asking at one of the rowing sites.  Five hours is a long way.  If you are serious enough to drive that far, make sure you can get a lot of time on the water rowing it before making your final decision.  Most rowers will spend time with you on the water, giving you pointers/instruction.  Ask the seller.  Good luck.

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