French Kayak Sailrig....

Posted by Petewp on Dec 26, 2007

Because the price of this has to be so astronomical, I didnt think it could be considered "competing or conflict of interest with CLC's - if anything it makes something so financially far out, an easy boost of the kit option of which CLC holds the key.

Whats fuunny is that with the rash of sailrigs starting to become evident , all of them seem like CLC MKI knock offs [strangely - why would Hobie copy a dated design that reviewers openly admit submerges its amas under sail loads and choppy seas?]. Only Triak had seems the inovator here and to a degree, the defunct Trika.

You have to check this out - and in doing so, appreciate that you can get the same rig out of CLC at probably a tenth of the cost.



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