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Posted by Dave Kennedy on Dec 4, 2007

I have seen this done with a special CA accelerator(Sprayed) and then a drop (or thousands of drops ) of special CA ...

I think its called model building CA ... a small squeeze tube of both is about $25..

The guy whom I saw doing this used lots of duct tape only near the bow and stern... and built his hull in a very orderly, and symetric fashion... 4 tabs to right.. 4 to left , and started from the middle of each plank...

Errors, and mis-allignments .. ( and there were quite a few ) were just sawn thru with a hacksaw blade in a handle... then re tabbed, after straightening.

The brand of CA that he was using "hardened" in about 8 to 10 seconds... and was specifically designed for wood ..

Seemed like a pain to me... but it looked great when finished..

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