Re: Stitchless S&G techni

Posted by theo on Dec 3, 2007

I used to be in fiberglass boat building years ago. Certain substructure had to have small plywood panels (2 foot square the largest) added to stiffen it and to extend to the hull when assembled. Quickest way to do that was with certain resin (a poly-ester) that was very hot or so fast setting that one person would have the panels ready with tabs of fiberglass "mat" and the other would mix the resin and then very quickly race around with his bucket and wet the fiberglass tabs to attach the wood to the fiberglass structure. The first guy held the wood panel along with possibly a 3rd and 4th person to hold more panels. Sometimes the mixer/glasser had his mix kick before all panels were done. Inside of a minute all panel holders could walk away. While fast this method would take fantastic choreography among a small group , 1 person could not possbly do it, to be almost accurate enough to assemble a stitch-and-glue boat. There have been posters here who assemble with a stitch, tab or glue between stitch, and pull stitches out to avoid deep fillets to bury the stitches, Read more on that before trying that.

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