Strongback for S&G

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 26, 2007

Dave asks: "Would using a strongback setup for other S & G kits ( Pygmy, CLC, Waters Dancing ) help the panel allignment.... or just slow the construction down ??"

Both. A properly set up strongback will guarantee a true hull at the cost of extra building time. Diminishing returns, I'd call it.

In my opinion, the chief beauty of S&G is speedy construction, and building a strongback is inconsistent with the method. In the meantime, satisfactory accuracy may be readiy attained through a careful winding process, as CLC espouses.

I can build an S&G hull and have it ready for starting a strip deck in the same amount of time it takes to build, align, and tape up a strongback and have it ready to begin stripping ops.

In Response to: Re: Using Strongback by Dave Kennedy on Nov 26, 2007