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Posted by Laszlo on Nov 11, 2007


The deck formers are meant to be be vertical, They are, in fact, vertical in my boat. What you're seeing is an optical illusion. It's caused by the deck curving upwards from the front of the boat to the coaming. Because of the camera angle the eye is trying to use a curved line for a straight horizontal reference, so the deck former's vertical angle gets interpreted as tilted.

CLC has arranged the stitch holes so that the deck is self-aligning. Here's picture from the section titled "Under the Deck" (click to get a larger image). See how the stitches line up between the sheer panels and the deck? See also, on the left, the stitches holding the former against the sheer panel and the deck? When you get the stitches in like that, the deck former angles are automatically set to what they need to be. It can't be messed up. It's one of the nice reatures of this kit, probably the result of a lot of careful design work to make things easier for us.

Don't worry, you're doing fine.


Deck Wiring Viewed From Below

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