actually it doesn't

Posted by Charlie Jones on Sep 22, 2007

take a special gun to spray gel coat. And it can be over coated with a sprayed on coat of PVA to seal away the air so it'll cure- you don't HAVE to put wax in.

If you REALLY want a gel coated finish, sand it down to about 600 grit, get some gel coat, cataylze it and spray.

But as a boat builder, I'd suggest you not.

I'd recommend one of the roll and tip two part polys. Interlux sells one. They are tough paints and safe to use as a rolled on finish- they are very dangerous sprayed without the proper respirators since they contain Isocyanates and you'd be atomizing that so unless you really know what you are doing, don't spray..

You'll get a finish that is quite comparable to a gel coat with the roll and tip.

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