Re: Sassafras 12

Posted by Ian Colledge on Sep 22, 2007

I am just about to finish my first build. A Ches 16, built from the plans in the book. So far it has been a most enjoyable adventure and looks OK. My plan was to build a canoe if this project works out well (i.e. it floats, doesn't sink and I enjoy using it). The intention is to involve my grandchildren in its construction. Let them feel that they are building something for themselves, learn a instant gratification is not as good as working towards a goal and enjoy a life mucking about with boats. Hopefully it will also and give me some years of grandpa/ grandchildren bonding in the process.

My questions are. Is building the Sassfrass much more difficult than a Ches 16? Is it a projest that young children can maintain an active interest in? (At present the 7 of them range from 8 - 2 years) I wonder if it would be better to wait a year or so. What age is too young? What is the best age to start involving children? ( The 4 and 6 years olds who live nearby have been interested in the Kayak, but not all that much help so far.) Is it all a geriatric grandfathers dream?

In Response to: Re: Sassafras 12 by David Warren on Sep 21, 2007