Re: cartopping?

Posted by george jung on Aug 24, 2007

I'd agree the clc tips page has lots of good options; I believe they've commented they prefer the padded Thule bars, with the kayaks strapped directly to the bars with camstraps. I notice no one has mentioned using tie-downs for the bow and stern, to the front/back of your vehicle. Excellent option, especially at highway speeds!

I've been using the padded Thules on my Subaru wagon, very happy with it. Amazing what a bit less of a 'lift' does for your spirits!

One other site you might find interesting is Ross Leidy's - Blue Heron. He discusses making your own J-rack attachments, custom fit to your kayaks. I've not done it yet - but wish I had (work keeps getting in the way - just kidding - I'm a bit unmotivated, no real 'need' as current set up works fine, and I'm only hauling one boat at present). Good luck.

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