Demo Boats Headed West

Posted by CLC on Aug 24, 2007

The rig rolled out of town this morning, bound for Madison, Wisconsin. We'll stop there for a demo on Sunday, then trek SW towards Newport Beach and Sacramento for demos there, and finally Port Townsend.

We've been to hundreds of shows and demos, but the load-out never gets easier! Cramming 18 boats and a whole lot of gear into a 24-foot trailer and a van is tricky. With only 17 or 18 spots for boats, some popular ones will always get left behind. With the addition of Guillemot's catalog, our fleet has swollen to more than 60 models, so the choice is going to get even harder.

In any case, we were able to cram in some newer models, including Nick Schade's Night Heron Stitch & Glue and also Nick's surf kayak, the Matunuck, a kit that's in BETA testing right now but will be online shortly. The Matunuck is probably the most amazing bit of sheet-plywood design I've ever seen. We also found a spot for the Pax 18. (Thank goodness for skinny boats.)

Maggie and Matt C. are at the helm for the drive across. I'll parachute in for the Madison demo, and in September join the rig for the West Coast leg. So if you see us coasting by on the highway, give a cheerful honk. And watch that right-rear blind spot on the trailer.

Here's the updated list of boats we're bringing:

Wood Duck 10, Shearwater 16, Chesapeake 17, Annapolis Wherry, Wood Duck 12, Shearwater 16 Hybrid, Chesapeake 17 LT, Chester Yawl, Matunuck - Surf Kayak, Shearwater 17, Chesapeake 16 LT, Passagemaker Dinghy (Take-Apart), Sea Island Sport, Arctic Hawk - Small Cockpit, Mill Creek 16.5, Skerry, Night Heron - Stitch & Glue, Pax 18

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