Re: cartopping?

Posted by Tim Clark on Aug 22, 2007

Before I built my kayak, I was using a Daggar Magellan (plastic). I used Yakima rollers in the rear and the standard Yakima "Landshark" saddles up front.

Mounted on top of my Caravan, it worked superbly 96% of the time.

But the other 4% of the time, the boat would fall off during the loading process.

The system worked great, but the operator (that would be me), occasionally would try and load the boat at a slightly steeper entry angle, meaning the boat was rubbing on the roof of the car before engaging the rollers. If my angle wasn't perfect, the boat would slide off one side and onto the ground.


Given that history of operator incompetence, when I completed my Ches 17LT I opted to drop serious $$ and buy the Thule "Hullivator" system. Thanks to the system I am now loading the boat onto the cradle at chest-height. I am no longer dropping the boat (wooden boats don't bounce!) and I find the whole loading/unloading process to be "stress free."

But if you lack my "operator incompetence" or can count on a friend to help you in loading/unloading, there are infinite options open to you.

But remember, if you have a small garage door, don't try driving your car with the kayak on top inside!

Otherwise, things will get ugly fast.

Best Wishes,

Tim Clark

In Response to: cartopping? by Eric on Aug 21, 2007