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Posted by Ron Paro on Aug 16, 2007

Hi Laszlo, thanks for the compliment and the counter-point.

I think it would be important to understand how Eric intends to use the Jimmy Skiff (row, sail, motor, or a combination). Also what type of 1/4" ply does he have on hand. If it is luan, or some other ply with voids, then I would still not recommend using it for the hull, especially if he intends to sail it.

When I am sailing in 12-14 mph wind, and there is significant wake action from the dozens of motor boats that seem to not notice that anyone else is on the lake, the hull can be subjected to what feels and sounds like significantly more than 2 psi. I guess it's like the difference of having someone evenly pressing against you, or hitting you with a punch.

I agree that getting CLC's take on this would be the wise thing to do. I tend to over-build when left to my own devices, so I defer...

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