Re: Unstarted Kits?

Posted by theo on Aug 10, 2007

This wasn't anything to do with CLC nor any of its products, nor was it a kit I bought and never started. My brother was doing a reno in a house, late fall, and asked about a bundle of dusty, plastic wrapped wood. Owner told him and he thought not much more about. Brother wanted to give me a Christmas gift and asked if there was anything in particular I wished for. A wood boat model kit would be good, said I. Christmas rolls around and brother said my gift was in his truck and it was a wood model kit not scale; FULL SIZE! A MIRROR DINGHY! This was about 1990. Located a dealer to help me as some parts were missing, resin long gone, wood glue present, just D.O.A., dead on arrival, 1 hard lump! And some parts were duplicated; spars and oars and gunnels too. The dealer had no clue what I was looking for (there was an assembly/building manual) He sent me a new builder's manual; Turns out the building procedure had been changed as well as part numbers. And some parts were pre-assembled. Turns out this boat kit had come "over the pond" about late '60's, something to do with sea cadets or a boy scout group in Nova Scotia. Somehow it migrated to Pickering, Ontario, Canada where my Brother came across it. Old Maid, as I call her with good reason, performed very well in a good strong breeze in October a year and a bit later.

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