boat for a larger guy

Posted by Rich on Aug 8, 2007

I currently have a s&g artic tern and the day it went into the water I realized 2 things. 1 The freeboard on this boat is far too much for the conditions I paddle in..simply put;it rides way too high even with my 220 lbs in it. I've carved a minicel seat lowering me as far as I can go and have hip bracing installed. While I need the volumn up front for the size 11.5s I don't need (and will never use) the large volumn behind the cockpit. I use the boat in Lake Erie (western end..nee windy choppy)and upper niagara mainly. I see a new build comming either over this winter or next spring. My thoughts are: Something with enough fwd. volumn for the feet and capability to handle the topheavy torso (more of me is above my waist than below it in length and girth)but able to handle chop (stop with the bobbing like a cork action!)and afford a bit better speed. Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance Rich