Re: arctic hawk vs queen

Posted by stephan on Aug 5, 2007

Thanks Lee. My Height/Weight is about average 510/175-180. I had an opportunity to paddle the boats a little bit and enjoyed the 14' Arctic Tern over the 17' model. However, the lines of the Queen Charlotte and Arctic Hawk appeal to me most. And hearing things like they do not track as strong, thus to me means more manuverable and responsive. Having not paddled either I noticed that the QC was a bit wider and taller and was curious how this affected things. Especially, since I've heard mumblings that Westy's (westcoast dwellers) build a greenland kayak like a boat not a kayak. I've also heard that the Hawk has some interesting handling issues, since it was trying to duplicate a skin on frame. Thanks again for your input. Very helpful.

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