Green Room Dispatch

Posted by CLC on Jul 31, 2007

0745: This dispatched from the green room at the Today Show. There's Matt Lauer right over there, and Meredith Vieira (she said "Hello"), and about thirty very attractive production assistants.

Senator Joe Biden is standing next to me, surrounded by an adoring entourage. He just went on. "Where do we go from here?" he growls. "Washington? The airport? I got to be on Letterman tonight."

The food spread in the green room includes a lot of asparagus. A lady who's about to go on the air for a cooking segment assures me that asparagus for breakfast is normal, because it's already lunchtime for the nightshift who puts together the Today Show. There isn't anything in here that looks like breakfast.

It took until 1:30 in the morning to get the Skerry installed in the Plaza. Finding a place to park the truck was a horror; no one could figure out where or whether I'd end up being towed at 0700. At last, this morning, after being pingponged from one functionary to another, I found the right person who gave me a special pass for the truck. Now I just stand around in case they have a weird question about the boat.

File under: Strange places boatbuilding will take you. I hope the WoodenBoat School gets a big boost from this!

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