Re: Protecting Skerry bot

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 28, 2007


If it was my boat I'd go with thicker glass covered with epoxy/graphite mix, instead. Maybe something like 12 oz biaxial. Glassed epoxy is the same density as water, so no matter how many layers you put on the outside, it won't affect your buoyancy. It also doesn't corrode and it bonds well to the existing structure. It's also easier to make touchup repairs on and since you built your Skerry you have all the knowledge & tools right at hand.

Metal, on the other hand, will take away buoyancy, could require drilling holes to attach and will eventually corrode (it might even make your rudder fittings corrode).

Finally, glass will follow the Skerry's contours much better than any meaningful thickness of metal would.

Good luck however you go,


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