Islet Lake Trip Report

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jul 25, 2007

I did this day trip two weekends ago but only just now managed to get something posted. My home computer has been giving me grief but I do believe that I have that issue resolved. Nuff said about grief!

I do not know what more I can say about the Islet Lake paddle since it is one of my more common lake paddles that I have written about. What I can say about this particular lake is that it represents the kind of pond/lake habitat that I have always loved to explore for the rich diversity of flora and fauna that can be easily accessed. As a child, I loved to explore the shorelines of such lakes but always wanted to doddle just a few feet away from the shoreline where the richest growth of plant life seemed to be located. The VJ gave me exactly the kind of accessibility that I needed to get there: stealthy with shallow draft. The length is a minor issue since I am well able to maneuver her 17' in very tight spaces. I can paddle backwards with ease.

The next level of accessibility that I needed around ponds/lakes like Islet was a camera. I wanted the ability to record what I see and experience. The Optio WP does just that without the worry of drowning another camera. I took my first underwater photographs during this trip and too relatively good effect.

My write-up for this trip is just an introduction to the images that I posted at my Yahoo Photos site. I hope you enjoy the ride.

I do have another trip report to write, just haven't downloaded the images yet. That trip was shared with Myrl Tanton when we paddled a section of the Bow River, the river that flows through Calgary, Alberta.

Robert N Pruden

Islet Lake Photos