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Posted by Ken Leffert on Jul 21, 2007

I couldn't agree more that the real fun of going to demo was meeting everyone. That Laszlo is a natural in front of a camera, and a real people person to boot! I don't know for sure, but I think he might have a little Navy Seal in his background, looking at the pic where he's alomost finished with the re-entry. And does he look happy with the results of that GPS he's waving around????

That wood duck page might be called the "Paddlers with cool hats" page! Its ok to carry a duck without a hat, though.

Took me a while to figure out what in the world I was trying to do when they took my pic, but I was side sculling....... something the duck seems to do very well, and I don't do very well, hence the grimace.

CLC must have had atleast 12 or 14 kayaks there, and I paddled most of them. That duck 12 is a lot 'bigger' boat than I was expecting, tremendous stability, huge cockpit, I bet there would be a really marked contrast in the 12 and the 10 side-by-side.

Some other boat thoughts..... the difference in speed between the Shearwaters and my 17LT is instantly noticed. On about the third paddle stroke in the Shearwater 17 I was telling myself "Man, this boat is fast", the instant I sat down in the duck 12 I was telling myself "Man, this boat is wide, and stable". The last boat I paddled was the Sea Island Sport.

More than a few chapters have been written in praise of this design, but let me tell you, that SIS is amazing! Its narrow (relatively speaking). Its actually 3 inches wider than my 17LT, but it doesn't feel like it at all. I was using my normal paddle, didn't really notice the paddle being too short, something that surprised me. Its stable... has one ever been capsized? I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it, I'd fall out of the boat first. I was expecting to be aware of the centerhull/sponson design by the way the boat feels, but that just wasn't the case..... it feels very much like a sit-in kayak thats fast and tracks exceptionally well. Is there anything this boat doesn't do well?? Anybody...????

I've crossed paths with several members of the CLC team over the last 4 or 5 years..... they are an amazingly diverse bunch, but one thing is consistent through each and every one...... their number one job, all the time, is meeting their customers needs and making sure their customers are not just satisfied, but happy. My hat goes off to them for all of their hard work!

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