I'm Gumby, Dam(mit)!

Posted by Chris J. on Jul 16, 2007

Sorry...my first thought at reading Davidís playdoh thread.

What worked for me is to cut the dam slightly oversized and completely seal the inner side cardboard in packing tape. Hot glue a stir stick to the top edge of the dam to act as a handle for removal once the pour is cured. Wedge the dam in place then mix a stiff fillet mix and apply a good fillet around the inner edges of the dam to seal it (the long handle of a wooden spoon is a good tool for this). I know itís tight to work around the sheerclamps but neatness doesnít count. Give the fillet an hour to stiffen up then start the pour a few ounces at a time to avoid overheating and boil-over. Let the pour cure overnight then give the stir stick a pull and the dam will come away cleanly.


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