Re: I use electrical tape

Posted by John Beck on Jul 10, 2007

I've used electrical tape also, especially if I have tight radius curves where it is more flexible than fine line. Since elctrical tape is stretchy you may be tempted to stretch it as you lay out the line. Stretching a little is okay, but if you stretch it too much it may lift enough to let paint seep under it as it tries to shink back. I'm sure everyone has taped an electrical with electrical tape by stetching it tightly around the cord to later find the end unwrapping itself. For longer gradual curves I like fine line better since since it is laterally stiffer and you can lay down a fairer line.

Since this line will be near the shear it is important the the line be fair and in harmony with the shear line. The best way to check fairness is to sight down the line from the bow and stern with your head right next to the boat and sighting down the line. Any little humps or dips are more obvious in this foreshortened view. I did all the curves on SW17 HB by eye because they were all so curvey, but a batten may help you with a longer straighter line.

I think it will accentuate the lines of the boat, and I'd like to see how it turns out.

I thought of another reason why it is good to remove the tape after each coat of paint; if there were any leaks under the tape you can clean it up before the paint dries.

Good luck, John

In Response to: I use electrical tape by Robert N Pruden on Jul 9, 2007