Re: Paddling with injurie

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 17, 2007


Good for you for wanting to get out. I'm not a physical therapist, but here's 2 points in addition to the ones they made:

Ryan says "proper paddling stroke". If it turns out that you can't do that stroke, work with your physical therapist to find one that'll let you enjoy the kayak. You don't need to do a proper paddling stroke to have fun in a kayak anymore than you need to have a proper sprinter's form for a walk in the park.

Ed's advice to rent a kayak to see if you can handle it is good, but be aware that the CLC kayaks do not handle like most of the rentals, especially the plastic roto-molded ones. CLC kayaks are lighter and move much more easily. They'd be ideal for using a less-than-optimum stroke.

The other thing to keep in mind are the water conditions. A glassy pond is a lot less work than playing in the surf. If you have a choice of where to go paddling, you might be able to pick a location depending on how your skeleton is doing on a particular day.

Good luck,


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