Re: Ches 14 for SMALL chi

Posted by Ken on May 21, 2007

i was also interested in building a "first" kayak for small children, i had lenghty discussion with the fokes at CLC, very helpful and Mike O'Brian of Wooden Boat at their boat show. what happened was this, i had an Severn that i thought did not have enough initial stability and thought hard chines would be better, but put her in the Severn to take some measurement, elbows to seat, etc. by the time i was done she was steady as a rock. so we paddled around the lake with my watching for what i could modify. the PADDLE was the only problem, to long and to large blades for her arm strenght. so i did a 80% size on the photo copy machine and the next weekend with a newly built paddle she did great, better than me by the end of the season. (sorta like youth golf with adult clubs produces bad swings) it is truly amazing how quick children learn, thankful to be part of the experence.

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