modifying Chester Yawl

Posted by Christopher Wegscheid on May 3, 2007

Hi everybody! Great forum.

I'm thinking of building a Chester Yawl with a sliding seat rig, for some extended trips on the Great Lakes. I'm considering adding decks fore and aft, with waterproof bulkheads, for storing gear and provisions. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of modification?

I was also wondering if anyone has set this boat up for tandem fixed-seat rowing? Is it big enough? It doesn't look long enough to accommodate two sliding rigs...?

I have other questions about this beautiful boat, most of which I think could be answered if I could get my hands on the plans -- but it doesn't appear to be possible to order the drawings without ordering the full kit, which I'm not prepared to do without a bit more investigation. Does anyone know of a way of getting study plans before plunking down $1,350?

Thanks in advance!


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