Re: Tools

Posted by George K on May 3, 2007

1. Shinto rasp - a must have tool. CLC has one of the best prices on this tool. 2. Ryobi saw (that's the type of Japanese saw sold here) - use it on every boat. Got it here. Good price! 3. Stanley low angle block plane - got one but bought it elsewhere and saved a few bucks. Good tool but I prefer: 4. Lie-Nielsen model 102 low angle block plane - three times the cost but worth every penny. A good block plane is definitely a must have tool. Don't forget to get sharpening jigs and stones. Or do a search for the Scary Sharp system and use wet/dry papers. 5. Bonsai saw - don't use it that much. Got it for cutting hatches but use the variable speed saber saw instead. 6. Spokeshaves - I use Anant spokeshaves. You get both the flat and round faced planes for the price of the Stanley. They do require a bit of tuning up when you get them, which would be the only drawback. A spokeshave works well on coamings and comes in real handy for planing the hull/deck joint on the Sea Island.

Hope that helps. Happy boatbuilding!

George K

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