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Posted by Alex on Apr 28, 2007

> Toe Pilot Foot Control (Smart Track System), but not clear about how it works.

We've been using that system in New Zealand for a couple of decades, at least a decade before Smart Track did.

Do a diagram -

Attach the rudder line to the bottom of the fore bulkhead. Lead the line round the hinge pin. Take it to the top of the rudder pedal and through a hole at the top of the pedal. Lead it back from there to the rudder.

The distance from the bulkhead to the hinge pin to the top of the pedal doesn't change as you move/actuate the pedal to steer - one pedal hinges forward, the other back.

Now, move the pedals forward or back to suit a new paddler and the line moves over the hinge pin and through the hole at the top of the pedal until the pedal system is locked in the new position.

Simple. I've been led to believe it dates back to WWI aircraft.


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