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Posted by Jim L on Apr 27, 2007

These replys are indeed on the mark. As the CLC shop tips say, you need to work small areas at a time, maintain a wet edge, and tip the paint/varnish out as you go with a foam brush. I have had good success using Pettit 2015 Flagstaff Varnish thinned 8 to 1 with Penetrol. (That's 1 TBSP to 1/2 cup of varnish.) That works real well for me as I can maintain a wet edge and tip the varnish out easily. My varnished decks come out pretty good.

When I thinned the Kirby's paint I am using for the hull by that amount, however, the foam brush would tend to "pull" on the paint. I couldn't maintain the wet edge I was trying for very well. As such, I was relying on the roller too much to get a good coat ... and that doesn't work. Reading the Penetrol can I saw where they say you can thin paints by 4 to 1. I tried that this morning and the coat went down well. No dull areas. I think I can now get a glossy finish after all. No rubbing compound!!

Thanks to all for your input.

Jim L

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