LOL- SEE? Different

Posted by Charlie Jones on Apr 20, 2007

strokes *grin* Me? I HATE the foam brushes. Never have been able to get a decent coat of varnish with one. My wife, who does all of our finish varnishing, refuses to even bother with them any more.

If she is brushing varnish she uses one of her two really high quality bristle brushes that she's used for some years now. Lord help the person she catches using one of those for ANYTHING other than varnish!!! She keeps a 1 12/ inch one and a 3 inch one for use depending on what she's varnishing. They get better with age.

She claims I'm a pig with a varnish brush ( she's an artist in real life) and won't let me use them, so I spray any varnish I personally do.


As I said - different strokes. Wouldn't life be boring if we all did things the same way?

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