Re: Rice paper decals

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 17, 2007

Ain't nuthin' to it. The rice paper doesn't entirely disapear, but comes close enough for gummint work. The "decal" may be applied above or below the cloth, doesn't really matter. Below is gonna more durable, but above'll allow changing your mind - and the graphic - later if yer feeling pretty spunky with your sandin' machine.

It's a really good idea to perform a test sample first, to make sure whatever ink is involved isn't gonna run on you, among other things. Particularly if you're aiming to put the thing in under the 'glass.

Trim the rice paper as close to the design as possible, in order to help it disappear.

I'm adding a link to the page where I add graphics (that I drew myself using India ink) to my boats, although it isn't exactly a definitive how-to article on the subject. Get whatcha pay for around here, bud.

Cheers, Kurt

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