Re: Compartment leaks

Posted by CLC on Apr 16, 2007

I've encountered leaks in these compartments and the leak is always a pinhole in the seam between the bulkhead and the underside of the seat. Doesn't take much. Even in a perfectly airtight compartment, a surprising amount of moisture can condense out of the trapped air as the boat encounters temperature shifts.

A drainplug-sized opening is enough to ventilate the compartment and dry out the moisture if the boat can be stored in a dry place for awhile. A persistent quantity of water may require an inspection plate so you can swab it out.

Builders should take great care to seal the insides of compartments with lots of epoxy before closing them up, to prevent moisture from migrating into the wood. Also, be fussy with the fillets on the undersides of the seats to prevent water getting in there in the first place.

Inspection plates---click here and scroll down

In Response to: Compartment leaks by Greg M on Apr 15, 2007