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Posted by Jim E on Apr 12, 2007

If the pre-coat has been allowed to cure, it should be sanded prior to putting on the glass. You only get a chemical bond if its still soft. It should also be washed prior to sanding if it'e the 'blooming' type of epoxy.

As far as putting the glass over wet wood is concerned, you need to roll the cut length of glass round a tube and then roll it onto the the hull. You wont have to pull it around much after that. Dont use the tube it came on - you need so something smaller and lighter that you can hold in one had whilst smoothing with the other.

However, none of this should be necessary, since wetting out the glass on raw wood works perfectly well. Two pointers: Make sure the temperature is reasonably warm when you spread it - at least 70 degrees. That keeps the viscosity low so it can penetrate the glass and wood easily. Also ensure that the temperature is steady or slowly falling after you wet out. This should prevent the wood from outgassing bubbles into your nice transparent layup. It's fear of outgassing that usually causes people to pre-coat in the first place. In the wintertime there was much discussion on the forum about heaters, etc

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