Re: Filling gaps in SWHB1

Posted by Jim L on Apr 10, 2007

Mike, I was the person that posted some success with a saw dust & Titebond filler. I take it back! Don't do it. It seemed to be working OK, but it tends to shrink up .. thus requiring some of the gaps to be cleaned out and refilled. I ended up just using epoxy thickened with silica. Since my strips varied in color all over the boat, I made no attempt to try to match colors with the epoxy. It looks perfectly natural all in all. John is correct that it blends in uniformally once the cloth and filler coats are on. In my case, the Titebond seams looked the worst. I didn't have any difficuly sanding the epoxy filled gaps, but I was careful to minimize the sanding required by using a squeegee to force the epoxy into the gaps.

I also experienced what John said about many of the gaps disappearing as you sand the hull. Wait till your done sanding before worrying about what to do about the gaps that are left.

Jim L

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