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Posted by John Beck on Apr 10, 2007

Norm, Sure you can do it that way, and must do it that way if you're glassing anything overhead. But for anything as big as a boat hull applying the epoxy first makes it harder to get the glass on smoothly. Having a people on each corner to stretch if over the surface and laying on evenly works, but alone it can be bunched up mess. It is very easy to distort the glass and compromise the weave if you're having to getting it unstuck from the epoxy to get it flat and wrinkle free. Glass on dry wood can be easily moved around until it's where it needs to be. You can tape the edges down if it wants to slide off. When applying the epoxy always start in the middle and work your way outward to avoid wrinkles. Apply epoxy with a plastic squeezie to stretch the glass and flatten any wrinkles. The squeezie works great for moving around extra epoxy since you don't want to see any puddles of shiny, wet epoxy anywhere.

For seam tape, I sometimes wet the tape, roll it up and then unroll onto the wood. But pre-wetting the wood works too.

Good luck, John

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