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Posted by George K on Mar 23, 2007


I've tried several different hand saws myself, the whole gammut of Japanese which I use for quite a few other tasks. None can match up to the saber saw. I have a variable speed which I set on slow and use a fine tooth finish blade. you can also use a metal cutting blade, the hacksaw type. I also tape off the entire hatch opening with masking tape and draw the line on that. The hardest part to cut with the saber is the straight lines and you've already conquered two of those. The saber saw will create a bit wider slot but not a problem. Keep in mind you're going to have to coat the hatch and deck edges with epoxy to seal them. That will add a bit of thickness back. You're going to want to sand the hatch and opening before epoxy coating and you can work any small irregularities out doing that. Bottom line is once the hatch and deck openings are complete you're going to end up with about 1/16" clear around the hatch which is more than acceptable. You might even be more snug than that. And you're going to have a boat that people will be falling all over you to look at and ask you about and not a one of them is going to say, "Great boat, but who cut your hatches?"

Below is my rear hatch on my Sea Island cut out with the saber saw.

Happy boat building.

George K

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