Re: Gaps in Stitching

Posted by ndeanmoseyjr on Mar 21, 2007

My bottom panel fell a bit shy of the hull at both ends as well. Since there was a bit more pressure from the hull than the wires would hold, I simply ran 3 or 4 vise grip quik-clamps around the end to take some of the pressure off the wires. This worked quite well until I taped and epoxied. Just make sure you poke your glass tape all the way to the ends and let it overlap. In retrospect, I would say this is where the use of zip ties would be more effective. In any case, The gaps fill up quite well and there doesn't seem to be any spring-back on release of the wires and clamps. Thickened epoxy will fill any outside seam gaps when you flip it over to start the exterior.

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