Re: Rudder for Pax 20

Posted by Mac on Mar 7, 2007


I think you're real close to CLC - the experts.

Myself, I believe the Pax kayaks are designed for straight-ahead racing/sprinting, and as such track like arrows. I have no experience with them, but have a 19 footer which I have to lean like mad to turn. I don't believe it would be so easy to lean a narrow kayak like the Pax.

So, if you need to carve quick turns, my guess is you'll need rudders. If the races are straight, then you won't want the drag or weight.

Please talk to John Harris and the team either on-line, by phone or better yet, in person.

Happy building!

Safe racing.



In Response to: Rudder for Pax 20 by Mark Montague on Mar 7, 2007