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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 17, 2007

The fine staff at CLC will tell you everything you need to build a complete kayak. Bear in mind that the kit itself does not come with everything you need to get paddling. You will have to buy a seat, deck hardware and other necessities necessary to get your boat afloat.

Remember to buy a good paddle and pfd. The paddle should probably be an adjustable one that can be either feathered (adjustable blade angles) or unfeathered (stationary blade angles). You will also need neoprene gloves, fingered for colder days and fingerless for hot days or none if you don't mind the initial blistering on your hands. Polarized sunglasses are important for reducing reflected light from the surface of the water. A rescue throw rope is necessary. A good spray skirt is necessary. Don't waste your money on a cheap sprayskit, it will wear out within a year. A good dry top will allow you to paddle in cold weather and still feel warm. Sea kayaking is also a cold weather sport and in the rain you can see some things that you can't see on hot days - like rain drops ;) I hope this gives you some ideas. On yeah, don't forget a good roof rack and webbing tie downs. The list goes on, eh!

Robert N Pruden

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