Re: Bulkhead Fit

Posted by Alan Speakman on Jan 16, 2007

Hi Willy,

1/2" on "all sides" would signal a mild red flag for me...

Some thoughts... First, recheck (for the billionth time probably) your measurements.

Next confirm that the kayak is level and plumb every which way according to the plans. Once all that is done, check for twists and buldges using your eye and some winding sticks.

When you're convinced that the craft is true, then get out your most-trusted tape measure and your scale rule... Start checking various measurements on the yak compared to those on the plans... Start at a known good location (like the length)... Keep measuring and comparing to the plans... Somewhere, a measurement (or series of measurements) just won't be right. There's your problem.

But the CLC guys are right... If the bulkheads are off a little, the world isn't going to end.

Best of luck,


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