Re: Cheap tools/wire

Posted by Chris J. on Jan 4, 2007

The Home Depot sells a 50 metre roll of 20 gauge bare copper wire. It's usually in the picture hanging supplies area and I believe the manufacturer is HTR. The 20 gauge is a little lighter than the recommended 18 but I had no problems with it. I think a roll was about $9.00 and there was enough for a CH16 with stitches spaced 4".

If you're bargain hunting in Canada, check out Dollarama stores. Everything is a buck. They have 2" steel "C" clamps, ideal for the coaming...ya can't go wrong! also various size spring clamps and plastic gloves.

Binnacle Marine (see link below)is a good source for coloured shock cords and perimeter line - good service too...

Treasure hunting was an enjoyable part of the project!

In Response to: Cheap tools/wire by Richard K on Jan 4, 2007