2007 Paddle Safe Message

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 31, 2006

Each year on December 31, I try to post a safety message for all paddlers to read. This message is a timely reminder for us to think or rethink about how we paddle safely. Paddling safety is a topic that can be writtten about in book form but I choose to use a few meager lines to get you thinking. Safe paddling is a complex yet simple concept. There are many considerations to bear in mind but once you learn where the knowledge exists, the reast is easy. Go to teh link below, Guillemot Kayaks, to read my message and be reminded so that the next time you consider taking on a kayaking challenge - you will be inspired to think twice about the potentiality of doing something stupid and thoughtless. I hold myself up as the best example of what not to do.

Robert N Pruden

My 2007 Paddle Safe Message


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