Re: Canadian Sea Island S

Posted by Russ Hall on Dec 31, 2006

I loved the puzzle joints in my last project but now Im doing a CLC Triple, using 6 sheets of marine plywood which I may be paying 80 $ a sheet for. I am considering cutting then joining, using butt joints. I know Im playing with the quality offered in an otherwise good CLC set of plans so that is why I keep thinking further on the matter before I end up doing something I regret later.

Anyone do this with scarf joints? cut then scarf and join after to save expensive wood. I have been running a plan in my head I may do a test run on. Predetermining a desired length and allow for the scarfs and see if I can join having my piece end up the length I want it.

I have it figured out I may be able to save enough wood to cut a hull out for the 14 footer I want to build for my grand kids.


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