Re: CLC logo decal

Posted by Kim on Dec 19, 2006

Dragon fly? I think someone else did that. I would like to see it. I've only experimented with decoupage. I think it is a good idea. But I have turned my attention towards pyrography.

As someone stated, setting it before you epoxy will protect it when you sand. The real questionn maybe shoule be, "After it has been epoxied/glassed, can I lay the decoupage image and epoxy another layer?" I have yet to glass my first kayak. (Friday) I will let someone else answer that.

I wouldn't use the bumper sticker supplied. I wouldn't use the sticker as a decoupage on rice paper on the outside of a kayak. I would like something more artistic. I am going to epoxy the image on rice paper to the inside of my already epoxied kayak cockpit area. I can print 6 images on each rice paper sheet. This stuff is inexpensive. Its only paper. Anybody want one say so. Great idea for the co. to include one of these with each kit. I will mail them one.

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