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Posted by Alan Speakman on Dec 19, 2006

Hi Russ,

This issue has come up on this forum before... Some feel strongly that ordering plans and then finding the materials is the way to go. Others think that kits are the best route... I used to be of the former group... Now I'm of the latter. It just takes too much time to find quality ply, woods, epoxy, glass, fasteners, etc.

My best advice is to order the complete kit for $1099 and go from there.

Will the cost of the kit exceed that which you'd pay if you hunted down the materials by yourself? Yes.

Will the cost of shipping (see the link below) be a factor? Yes.

If you buy the kit, will you get the best materials, and save a BOATLOAD of time and hassles in the process? Absolutely.

Given that you've been down this road before and had to turn to a kit then, and given that the local suppliers just aren't making the grade now, I'd say cut your losses and buy the CLC kit... Maybe you can sell the plans you already bought on eBay...

Just my two cents.


P.S. And NO, I do not work for CLC.

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