Re: Shop Air Changes

Posted by Camper on Dec 18, 2006

Don't know the answer about recommended replacement rates, sorry.

But here's my two cents. Isolate the workshop air from the rest of the house. Reason: when fumes are in the workshop, you can protect yourself by simply wearing your cannister-type mask. It's only the rest of the house that you need to worry about.

Once you have ensured that there is no path for workshop air to get into the return duct to the house furnace, the workshop itself will only need a space heater and a low exchange rate fan and outside vent. This will keep the heating costs down. All the workshop ventilation will need to do is 'eventually' clear the fumes, but until it does, the rest of the house will be clean and you will have your mask.

In Response to: Re: Shop Air Changes by ndeanmoseyjr on Dec 18, 2006