Re: tried stencil paint?

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Dec 8, 2006


Yeah, I dabbled very quickly with some watercolors on a piece of scrap but was not happy with how pale the colors turned out (and I didn't know the trick of cutting along the edges so it bled all over, too). I'm still interested in the stains, though, so thanks for the tip.

You can control the contrast on the rice paper of course by changing the gray-scale value in the computer file. I have found the laser printer tends to create halos around my images on the rice paper if it is too black -- don't know if that is because of the paper or just my laser printer. Anyway, I combined a rice paper name plate with an onlay to hide the deck tip scarf on my WR18 a few years ago.

My latest goof along the way on the current boat happened last night when I glassed the deck -- there must still have been a little dust on it because now I have what look like water stains from what I assume are different concentrations of dust under the glass.


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