Thinking is good

Posted by BobE on Dec 1, 2006

You’re obviously thinking “out of the box”. Nuttin’ wrong with ‘dat. Good for you. I hope you continue to question processes throughout your build.

It’s your craft, but clamping a sheer clamp to the hull panel probably doesn’t take significantly longer than using a brad nailer to secure it until the epoxy cures. Also, what if adding a rub rail, or plain ol’ wear ‘n tear, creates an opening in the epoxy allowing moisture access to the fastener? Maybe not a tremendous problem. Maybe… Test first with some scrap pieces of the same materials?

Perhaps some time when you are lifting the boat by yourself you’ll wonder how you could have saved some weight? Every itsy, bitsy ounce adds up to more than you’ll want.

Norm is fun to watch in his workshop with all the cool tools. Would love to see the episode where he flips a heavy hardwood dining table. Mounts a couple of oarlocks. Quickly assembles some oars with blades stapled to the oar shafts. Fast epoxy allowed to cure on the way to the ocean. Then launches it in the surf several times over a period of years to test how well he sealed the unit in epoxy. Wonder if he could lift it onto the roof of the pickup by himself? Wonder if…

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